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Konin is a city located in the heart of the country on the Warta River in the eastern part of the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

Konin is an important communication hub. The A2 motorway runs through the south borders of the city. There are two national roads: from North to South DK25 and from East to West DK92. The city is also crossed by railway line no. 3, part of the European E20 (Berlin – Moscow) railway line. On the outskirts of the city is the inland waterway on the Warta river, which is more than four hundred kilometers long. Nearby Konin there are also international airports: Poznań – Ławica Airport – 117 km, Wladyslaw Reymont Airport in Łódź – 121 km.

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Free investment areas

In accordance with the local spatial development plan the areas are intended for service and production activities, as well as for economic activation and multi-family and single-family housing development.

investment area

about 60 ha

Międzylesie investment area is comprised of land designated under the Local Spatial Development Plan for Services (U) and Economic Activation (TA).

It contains three plots with a total area of ​​6.39 ha, awarded in the PAIH competition with the Medal of Land 2018 statuette for the best investment area in Wielkopolska Province.

Plots with the primary destination of non-obtrusive services with the permissible location of non-burdensome small-scale production plants are owned by the City and the State Treasury and the Agricultural Property Agency.

Multi-functional areas of economic activation constitute nine properties owned by the City of Konin.

The proposed area is located in the immediate vicinity of the national road DK 25, the provincial road DW 264 and a short distance from the A2 motorway and the national road DK 92.

All properties have connection to electric power, gas, water and sewers and rain drainage. Connections to media are located in the asphalt service roads.

investment area

about 230 ha

The proposed area is located in the immediate vicinity of the national road DK 25, the provincial road DW 264 and a short distance from the A2 motorway and the national road DK 92.

Area for industrial, production and service purposes, with current spatial development plans.

investment area

about 47 ha

Konin investment area – Janowska street consists of areas designated in the Local Spatial Development Plan for purpose of production facilities, warehouses (P) and production facilities, warehouses and services (P/U).

The proposed area is located in the immediate vicinity of the DK 25 national road, a short distance from the A2 motorway and DK 92 national road.

For all properties, it is possible to connect electric power and water and sewers.

Pociejewo Island
Ecological lounge in City of Konin

We present a unique proposal – participation in the development of the center of Konin – isle of Pociejewo. The uniqueness of this area lies in the fact that it is located between old part and the new part of Konin city. The island of Pociejewo has twenty hectares of land intended for development. The landowner is Konin City. The area is equipped with all media (water, sewers, gas and electricity) and communicated by asphalt roads. Due to the large scope of investments, this infrastructure will have to be adapted to the new needs and requirements of investors. The island of Pociejewo is a unique place away from residential development, so as to avoid possible social conflicts in its management.

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City advantages

Our strengths are:
  • Excellent location on the map of Poland and Europe
  • Industrial traditions (power industry and heavy industry)
  • Growing economy
  • Expanded technical infrastructure
  • Qualified staff
  • Important logistic and distribution center
  • Prepared investment areas
  • Friendly investment climate involving local authorities and city dwellers
  • Natural environment preservation
  • A sports, recreation, cultural and entertainment center
  • Developed organizational environment of the economy (a large number of supporting institutions entrepreneurship)
  • Grounds, recreational facilities and cultural and entertainment events giving the opportunity to relax after work

Our investors

Our town is famous of industrial traditions (power industry and heavy industry) – it is still one of the largest centers of the fuel and energy industry in Poland, starts it transformation to green power as biomass, sun and wind energy with its leader of green hydrogen production – ZE PAK – Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów – Adamów – Konin S.A.;

From power stations of ZE PAK you can get the electrical and thermal energy and certain capasity of techological steam, indicated and offered on demand.

An important place in the economic life of the city is taken by companies from the production sector, eg. Aluminum Konin IMPEXMETAL SA, Johnson Matthey Poland, ARSANIT, KON-BET , Chemat , MONA Dairies, Pros, Antonius Caviar. Potential of these enterprises and their dynamic development testifies to the absorption of the local market.

Nearly 100 companies with foreign capital operate in Konin and it is close vicinity, representing European and American capital. The biggest ones are: Kramp-Grene, Panattoni, Roltrans and Smurfitt Kappa, Konimpex.


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