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Świecie is rapidly developing community in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship with a population of 34000. It is one of the most important economic centers of Northern Pomerania.the town i san urban and rural commune spreading over 175 square kilometers.

In the city there are several secondary schools, with different directions, one vocational schools and two general upper secondary schools.

In the commune of Świecie, approximately 1,800 entrepreneurs operate.
The unemployment rate in the municipality of Świecie is currently 6,1 %.

It i salso home to several large plants, among which include paper, metal, food and agriculture, along with many building, finance, service and trading companies.

The town boasts a well developed infrastructure and also stands as an important transportation node, where national routes 91 and 5 intersect. In addition to that, Amber Highway (A1) i s only 12 kilometers away. It`s only a short distance from Baltic ports in Gdynia, Gdańsk and Toruń and close to the international airport in Bydgoszcz.

Free investment areas

2 investment areas

The Commune of Świecie is the owner of two investment areas located in the Great Konopat – Vistula Park I 35 ha and in Sulnow – Vistula Park II 30.18 ha.

Land use:
Vistula Park I – 91.2% (31.92 out of 35 ha)
Vistula Park II – 62.08% (18.63 out of 30.18 ha)

Vistula Park I

Great Konopat 35 ha

Świecie has been creating and developing some unique business conditions for hte purpose of economic development. 35 hectaresof land at the Special Economic Zone Vistula I, have been improved for that purpose. Entrepreneurs operating here have already generated over 100 new jobs.

In addition to that , Sulnowo, which is only several kilometers away proudly hosts another economy zone known as the Special Economy Zone Vistula II which, beingthe consequent advancement in the plan i san attractive investment area in the community.

Vistula Park I offers superb infrastructure: internal roads, waterworks, sewage lines, rainwater sewarage, parking places, lighting of the area.

Entrepreneurs may access the power, telecommunication and gas networking. This has beenvalued by a numer of companies investingin Vistula Park I.

Apart from lease the land ha salso been accessible through purchase.

Vistula Park II

Sulnowo 30.18 ha

Special Economic Zone Vistula Park II in Sulnowo is located between road 239 (Świecie-Osie) and 1259C (Sulnowo-Sulnówko) within 3 kilometers from national road 91 (S5 motorway) and 14 kilometers from Amber Highway (A1) ramp. The area spreads over 20 hectares of improvedland and comes with a detailed site development plan.

Vistula Park II offers superb infrastructure: tarmac roads, waterworks, sewage lines, rainwater sewarage, lighting of the area.

What is important, it is possible to access the power, telecommunication and gas networking within the Histula Park II.

Vistula Park I and Vistula Park II provide alle the necessary documentation and license to start your business right away.

When investing with us you are granted: property tax relief, competitive proces of land purchase and lease, possibility to emploi highly qualified workers, basing on the well developed job market and professional education system.


City Hall in Świecie

124 Wojska Polskiego Str., 86-100 Świecie, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

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