Konin is constantly developing

Konin is a city located in the heart of the country on the Warta River in the eastern part of the Wielkopolska Province. Thanks to its excellent location at the intersection of transport routes, has been a transit city for many centuries. This is a great place for those who have decided their professional lives to connect with a broadly understood business and investment. There are more than one hundred companies with Polish and foreign capital at the moment. Konin is an attractive place for companies of various industries with Polish, German, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, French, American, English, Belgian and even Iranian capital too.

Why Konin?

Investors value in Konin not only excellent location on the map of Poland and Europe, but also experienced and qualified staff, access to colleges with whom they cooperate on a daily basis, as well as an excellent sports and recreation base (swimming pools complex, bowling alleys, sports fields Stadiums, golf courses, horse riding studios, agritourism farms), which allows you to relax and rest during leisure.

Konin is constantly developing. The city, apart from its convenient location, can boast of interesting investment offers. All are located within easy reach of the city center and major transport routes (motorways, national and provincial roads). Today Konin has over 200 hectares of investment areas. According to the local spatial development plan, these areas are intended for service and production activities, as well as for economic activation and multi-family and single-family housing development.

Feel the warmth of Konin!!!

We have the hottest thermal water in Poland

The work on the adoption of the Local Plan of Spatial Development of Konin City has been completed, and due to that, another large area has been added to the investment areas –  the island of Pociejewo on river Warta, which is a treasure of Konin. It is here that the hottest thermal water in Poland is located, which can be used for the production of heat and power (activities in that directions have already been undertaken) and for recreational, health, leisure and sports purposes (balneology, spa park, sport fields with heated grass). The investment area has about 18 hectares dedicated to sport and recreation services, commercial buildings with a sales area of over 2000 m2 and renewable energy. The uniqueness of this area lies in the fact that it is located between old part and the new part of Konin city. The landowner is Konin City. The area is equipped with all media (water, sewers, gas and electricity) and communicated by asphalt roads. Due to the large scope of investments, this infrastructure will have to be adapted to the new needs and requirements of investors.

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Those who are interested in investing in the aforementioned objects, on the terms of separate negotiations, are invited to the Department of Investor Services of the City of Konin (Plac Wolności 1, 62-500 Konin, tel. +48 63 240 11 33). The full investment offer is available on the website: www.gospodarka.konin.pl.

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