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The Commune of Kleszczów is situated in central Poland, in the southern part of the Łódź Voivodeship.

The Commune of Kleszczów is the most industrialized part of the Łódź Region. Our industrial zones are situated in central Poland, near the roads: Warsaw – Wrocław and Katowice – Gdańsk. The industrial zones have a very good constructed 12 m wide road network.

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Free investment areas

over 200 ha of investment areas

Industrial zone grounds for development of industrial plants, warehouses, building bases.

Four industrial zones were created in the Kleszczów commune: Rogowiec, Kleszczów, Żłobnica and Bogumiłów.

The owner of the investment areas in the zones is the Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation. The infrastructure is owned by the Kleszczów Commune. Investors use it on preferential terms.

Our investors

Our investors come from Poland, Germany, Finland, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland , Spain, Ireland and Ukraine.

The main industries located in our industrial zones are: production of steel structures, aluminum products, metal bending technology, water supply and sewage infrastructure, drilling industry, production of plastics-packaging, building materials, insulation systems and paint production, production of agricultural machinery, cellulose processing, production of cleaning products, cosmetics products, hygiene products, quartz sand for construction and the food industry.

Advantages of the commune

Our strengths are:
  • Attractive land prices – 15 PLN/sqm + VAT
  • Lower prices of energy and utilities prices than in other commune
  • Location in the economic center of Poland
  • Excellent communication infrastructure
  • Investment areas with technical infrastructure
  • Income tax relief for areas located within the Lodz SEZ
  • Regulated legal status of the land
  • Current Local Spatial Development Plan
  • Professional investor service and aftercare
  • Young and educated society
  • Support and cooperation with business support institutions
  • Openness of the city authorities to new investments


Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation

3 Sportowa Str., 97-410 Kleszczów, Lodz Voivodeship, Poland

Investors service

Edyta Legeżyńska

Kleszczów Commune Development Foundation

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