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Koszalin is the largest city in Central Pomerania located in the north-western part of Poland. The city is the second-largest industrial and cultural centre in the West Pomeranian region. Due to its potential and dynamic growth, Koszalin has become the region economic showcase.

Free investment areas

13 investment areas

Due to the big interest in both domestic and foreign investors, the area of the Koszalin Subzone has been extended four times so far. Currently, the area of the zone is over 150 ha. As for today, we still have 13 plots available of various sizes. These plots are perfectly designed for production, storage and services.

General land characteristics

Land use in accordance with local development plan.

According to the local development plan, there is no barrier to investment in the zone. The areas (plots) are intended for production, storage and warehouses, as well as for services. Each plot can be developed up to 75% of its capacity. The maximum building height is up to 25 m.

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City advantages

Our strengths are:
  • Perfect location and transportation in the zone: Proximity to the expressway (Szczecin - Gdańsk). Proximity to the national road No. 11 (Kołobrzeg - Poznań - Górny Śląsk) - near the junction of the S6 expressway and the city bypass connecting the national road No. 11 and the international road E-28 Berlin-Kaliningrad. Proximity to the seaports in Kołobrzeg (45 km) and Darłowo (35 km).
  • Full technical infrastructure: water, rainwater sewage system, sanitary sewage system, electricity (main supply point), natural gas.
  • The investment of the Słupsk Special Economic Zone, Koszalin Subzone, are intended for: production facilities, storage and warehouses, services, multi-family and single-family housing development.
  • Qualified professional staff: 4 Universities available in the City and several campuses of the leading universities from other parts of the country. Open possibility for cooperation with universities and technical college schools. Support in the recruitment of qualified staff

Current investors and Industries

Investors in the Słupsk Special Economic Zone, Koszalin Subzone, represent Polish and foreign capital.

The companies who decided to start their businesses in the zone represents various industries. Among them are these from the automotive industry, wood processing, metal, construction, food, plastics, electronics, storage, haulage and various services.

Well-known companies in the zone are Rotho Ltd from Switzerland, Resaco Ltd from Poland, Jakob Hatteland Computer Ltd. From Norway, RNG Logistics Ltd. From Great Britain, Jeronimo Martins Poland Inc from Portugal, VISIO CLP. From Poland, Elfa Manufacturing Poland Ltd. From Sweden) and AGC Automotive Replacement Glass Europe – Nordglass Ltd.

Investment Benefits

Businesses operating in the Subzone, based on support application, are granted in income tax rebates or deductions, financial support in business development or through creating new workplaces (up to 55% depending on the size of the organization).

The business that wants to apply for support needs to submit his application to Pomeranian Regional Development Agency in Słupsk. Agency, based on the type of business, law requirements and support that it can bring to the region will assess each application individually.

The support can be granted for up to 12 years (based on law requirement §7 of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of August 28, 2018 on state aid granted to certain entrepreneurs for the implementation of new investments), and if the investment is already located in Koszalin Subzone, this can be extended to up to 15 years.
Based on the decision, a business can gain access to other tax rebates and benefits.

Land and building tax rebates are also available (based on the Resolution of the City Council, limited until December 31, 2020).
Based on de-minimum support and successful support application, businesses in the zone can receive tax rebates for land, buildings and future developments for up to 200,000 euro.

  • At every stage of the investment process (pre-investment, investment and post-investment), the investor can count on the support from City Hall representatives. Once business made a decision to acquire a plot, he is receiving local support offices who are supervising and advises in the whole process.


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