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Elbląg is a city with tradition and future, investing in advanced solutions and technologies. It is a place of significant regional importance for the country, with good atmosphere for business and “still” lots of potential to take advantage of.

Elbląg is located in the Warmia and Masuria province. It is one of the largest cities in northern Poland. It is also an important centre of heavy industry (General Electric, FLSmidth MAAG Gear – Poland), food industry (Elbląg Brewery – part of the Żywiec Group), furniture industry (Meble Wójcik), tourism (Elbląg Canal with its famous canal locks).

The city focuses on innovation and development of new technologies. It invests in adapting the infrastructure to the needs of residents and investors. In the last decade, the quality of living and running a business has improved due to, among others, the development of a fibre optic network, the modernisation of road infrastructure, the implementation of a modern waste treatment and water purification system, the development of investment areas and the establishment of innovation implementation centres.

Many companies are already operating and expanding in the Elbląg market, putting their ideas into practice. The city continues to strongly encourage and assist new businesses to start or follow up their business plans.

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Work isn’t everything

After an intensive intellectual or physical effort, we all like to have a good time, take care of our body and mind. The promotional motto of Elbląg is “Elbląg in Shape”, because everyone will find here a perfect way to spend their leisure time.

Investment sites available

investment areas

For investors wishing to take advantage of special privileges, there are prepared attractive areas which may be included in the Warmia and Masuria Special Economic Zone. The sites are connected to electricity, water supply and sewage systems, and they are intended for production and service activities, including high-tech industry.

The main benefit for entrepreneurs resulting from operating in a special economic zone is the exemption from income tax. In Elbląg, it is 50, 60 or 70% depending of the company size. Additionally, for investors who will create new jobs, the city offers exemption from local tax. Depending on the number of people employed as a part of the investment, investors can obtain exemption from land and property tax for a period of 3 to 6 years.

Modrzewina South

0.5 ha to over 6 ha

Modrzewina South is an area located in the newly established industrial district of Elbląg, the heart of which is the Elbląg Technology Park. It is close to the Sea Port, exit to the S7 national road and a railway siding. The area is dedicated to production and service activities, and a number of companies from all over Poland have already established their seats there.

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By the River

40 ha

Elblag Port is dedicated to carry out cargo, passenger and tourist traffic on the Vistula Lagoon and the Gdańsk Bay.

With a favourable geographical location in terms of potential business relations and cooperation with the Kaliningrad region, the Baltic states and Scandinavia, it provides opportunities for trade development (border crossing, Commodities Exchange) and has a sound technical infrastructure (reinforced quays, open storage areas, railway sidings, grain elevators). The port has the capacity to repair vessels at the Repair Shipyard. All institutions necessary for handling passenger and cargo traffic (Border Guard, Customs Office, Port Authority, Phytosanitary Inspection Post) operate in the port.

Currently, the project titled: ‘The Construction of a Waterway Connecting the Vistula Lagoon with the Bay of Gdańsk’ is underway. When completed, the shipping canal will be 1.3 kilometres long and 5 metres deep. Ultimately, this will enable the ships with a draught of 4-4.5 m, length of up to 100 m and width of up to 20 m to enter the Port of Elbląg. Construction of the canal across the Vistula Spit is due to be completed in 2022.

The areas located in the immediate vicinity of the Port are attractive due to the opportunities they offer and, in view of the canal through the Vistula Spit, they will provide convenient access to the Baltic Sea; which, combined with the potential of the City, makes them one of the most promising investment areas in this part of Poland.

We offer the investors 4 sites intended for production and services of a total area of over 40 ha.

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Elbląg ring road

3.4 ha

Two national roads run through the Elbląg ring road: S7 national road connecting Elbląg with Gdańsk, Warsaw and Krakow as well as S22 national road which is the shortest way connecting the West with the East Europe.

In the immediate vicinity of the road, at Żuławska Street, there is a 3.4 ha area intended for production and services.

Tax breaks and privileges for investors

The Warmia and Masuria Special Economic Zone, Elbląg Subzone. A significant incentive to invest in Elbląg may be the highest level of state aid in the country. Investments located on the area included in the W-M SEZ entitle to tax reliefs, even up to 70% of the value of investment costs or two-year labour costs related to the newly employed in the zone.

Small business: 70%
Medium business:60%
Large business:50%
Time to use help – 15 years

The city offers local tax exemption for investors who will create new jobs. Depending on the number of people employed as a part of the investment, investors can obtain exemption from land and property tax for a period of 3 to 6 years.

In the Town Hall there is a Promotion, Culture and Tourism Department, Promotion and Entrepreneurship Office which provides, among other things:

  • comprehensive assistance for investors at every stage of investment implementation and further support during business operations.
  • coordination of business assistance for investment projects in the city.
  • providing assistance to investors in terms of their relations with the City Hall and other municipal institutions.
  • preparation and updating of the municipal investments offer.
  • handling matters concerning the Special Economic Zone.
  • cooperation with business environment institutions: Elbląg Technology Park, Poviat Labour Office, chambers of commerce, associations, clusters.


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