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Augustów is located in the north-eastern part of Poland, in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, in the area of “Green Lungs of Poland”, between the Wigry and Biebrza National Parks. The city is surrounded by numerous lakes, mostly connected by the Augustów Canal.

Augustów is the 48th city in Poland in terms of area – 80.90 km2 of space provides great opportunities for economic development among greenery, lakes and untouched nature.

The undoubted advantages of Augustów include the diversified economic structure. This is due to the strongly accentuated industrial profile of the city with a developed public service sector and the presence of a tourist function, including a sanatorium. The city is also the main tourist center of Podlaskie Voivodeship and at the same time one of several dozen urban centers in the country with the highest intensity of tourist traffic.

Augustów is a great place to lead a healthy lifestyle close to nature – forest bicycle paths, great natural conditions for swimming, canoeing, water and cross-country skiing and horse riding make it a great place to live and relax. Each employee will be able to regenerate his strength in the surroundings of forests and lakes – even the hardest day at work will be rewarded with the charms of nature!

The municipal government is trying to create the best climate for business development in Augustów. Low taxes, constant development of technical and social infrastructure and a high level of education are the priorities of investor-friendly activities. Entrepreneurs coming to Augustów can count on full support at every stage of the investment process – from purchasing plots, through infrastructure and obtaining the necessary permits, to starting production and recruiting employees.

Free investment areas

Augustów Economic
Activity Zone

9.6625 ha of free land

Augustów EAZ is one of the most important pro-development investments carried out by the local government of Augustów. The investment areas are located at the intersection of national roads towards Warsaw (DK 61) and Białystok (DK 8). Fully developed investment areas significantly increase the investment attractiveness of Augustów and are of key importance for the economic development of the city.

Local Spatial Development Plan:
No surveyors. 717/18, area 1.1082 ha
No surveyors. 717/31, area 2.7795 ha
No surveyors. 1979, area 1.8197 ha
The plots are intended for industrial and storage areas, including production and craft plants, bases, wholesale warehouses, construction companies, other bases and back-up facilities.

No surveyors. 717/9, area 3.9551 ha
Purpose in the local spatial development plan: service areas – commercial facilities with a sales area of less than 2000 sq.

Location advantages

“Augustów is a good place to invest,” says Mayor Mirosław Karolczuk. “A few years ago, we divided the city into districts – thanks to this, we freed ourselves from the strict regulations of the law on health resorts, which inhibited the economic potential. Today, we can boast about the start of investment processes of our entrepreneurs who have been waiting for years for the possibility of developing their companies in Augustów, as well as invite new investors to this group. The Augustów Economic Activity Zone is primarily a ready, advanced infrastructure, great location and a good atmosphere for investing in a dynamically developing city. I encourage you to become interested in our real estate sale offer and take part in tenders, ”explains the Mayor.

The advantages of Augustów

Our strengths are:
  • Attractive land prices, approx. PLN 28 net / sq.
  • Low taxes and tax exemptions for start-ups and developing entrepreneurs
  • Developed investment areas located at the intersection of national roads towards Warsaw and Białystok
  • Investor-friendly local government
  • Low competitiveness and low labor costs
  • High level of education, the possibility of opening new specializations in vocational education in Augustów secondary schools
  • A spa town with clean air and a specific microclimate, offering investment areas for service development in the field of spa treatment
  • Family-friendly social infrastructure
  • Attractive forms of spending free time
  • The best place to live for your employees, surrounded by lakes and green forests!

Current investors

Due to favorable natural conditions, Augustów became a dynamically developing boatbuilding center. Large shipyards, producing laminated boats and yachts using the latest technologies, thrive in the city. The offered products, thanks to their high usable and aesthetic quality, have a recognizable brand in Poland and abroad. Most of the boats produced in Augustów go to nand export. One of the most modern tobacco factories in Europe, owned by British American Tobacco, also operates in Augustów. The wood industry is also developing very well. There are also other large production plants operating here, including producer of agricultural machinery POM or the plant of mineral water Augustowianka.


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